Saturday, 17 December 2011

Easy Appy!

Ever need to take a last minute appy or unexpected company comes over and you need to put something out quickly?  Well this is one of the quickest and easiest appy to make - and it tastes great!  I use the rice cracker so if anyone is staying away from gluten they can still eat this.  What else is great is it is easy to have on hand and not expensive.
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Olivieri Sundried Tomato Pesto
Rice Crackers - or any crunchy cracker that won't get soggy

So here is the directions - pay attention to the order so it turns out correctly - not too complicated - in fact I have seen my husband attempt to make this - so it is possible for the guys to pull this off too! I will give step by step instructions for that reason.

1.) Get a nice serving plate out
2.) Open the box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
3.) Unwrap the cream cheese from the foil package
4.) Place the cream cheese block (that's the whole thing) on the middle of the plate
5.) Open the package of Sundried tomato and drain as much of the oil off as  you can
6.) Carefully spoon the Sundried tomato over the Cream Cheese so it looks like this:

 Note there is no oil dripping down and all over the plate!

7.) Open your package of crackers and place them on the plate aroun the block of cream cheese
8.) Put a little knife out on the plate so people can put the spread on the cracker.


How easy was that!!

If you have left over - mix together and add to your favourite cooked pasta! - no not the crackers! just the cream cheese and sundried tomato pesto - sheesh, really you wouldn't have added the crackers to your pasta??