Sunday, 12 August 2012

So the story goes like this...

This is how it usually goes.....

I'm sitting outside on the deck keeping the house quiet - Mr. SweetArt is sleeping during the day because he was on a night shift.  It is finally hot here and we are feeling like summer has finally arrived - even though it is August!

"what are you eating?  That looks good - can you make me one for my lunch tonight?"
"It's a cucumber sandwich with philly garlic cream cheese....and yes I will make you one"

"Who are you talking to on there" Looking at my FB page on my laptop...

"No one - I'm on Facebook"
"What do you do on that any way! it's a waste of time, - oh-- that looks really good! Are you going to make it?
cinnamon-caramel-swirl-bread-with-butter-crumb-crust that A flock in the city  posted
"Maybe.... if you're nice"

Next day - it is hot again today and I can't get that picture out of my mind!! I love cinnamon and they made it look so easy!! So despite the heat I thought I could get the bread made in the morning before he goes to sleep.  When I go to make it the page tells me to go over here for the "My favorite baguette recipe ~ easy and just delicious" Well darn it if now I didn't want to make those too!!  So I cheated - and took a small bit of the dough for the cinnamon - caramel loaf and made one baguette!
then made this

Mid afternoon he wakes up......................

"OMG What are you doing in the kitchen with the oven on it's so &^* hot in here!"
but by the time he gets to it - it looks like this
"OOOOH can I have some???"""
"WAIT!!! I have to take a picture!!"
"mumble mumble" something I don't know what he said.....but those of you that do this might be able to fill in the blank mumbling words....
"How come it's so small? 
"I only made a little one to try it out"
"How come the picture shows it the full length of the big cookie sheet then?????"

"I don't know - um... it's just the angle of the camera!
"NO it isn't!! you ate most of it!!"

Smiling - I said "I had to taste it with my John's blueberry jam that he made for me!"

"Why is the oven still on? Did you forget to turn it off?"


"OOOOH" the sound of delight and drool almost coming out.... "Is that what I think it is??"

"Yes - I just made it a little differently- instead of a loaf pan I made it into a circle and baked it on a cookie sheet... and no you can't have it yet it is too hot"
He pulls the fan out of one room and puts it in the kitchen to cool the "room" down - but I think because it is directed towards the bread he has something else in mind!

So YUMMY!! Thank you for both recipes A Flock in The City I will be making these again - and again- and again.....

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