Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cold Brew Toddy System

I was reading another blog Pioneer Woman, I have followed her blog for a few years, and recently read about this cold brew system.  I was very intrigued and set about finding one.  I made my first batch yesterday and it is ready today - I used a hazelnut coffee bean so that I could make a really nice flavoured ice coffee.  The only problem is the weather - it's cold outside!! It is July 10th and we are 13 degrees!! Where is summer?
So the "brew" can stay in your fridge for 2 weeks and it is like a coffee concentrate that you can use cold or hot and at any strength you prefer- it says it has 63% less acid in it and  it can be used for tea too.
So as soon as I can actually try it as a cold drink I will let you know, although I could have a hot coffee this afternoon and see how it is.

Cookies from a Cake Mix!

I guess I have been in the dark ages - I have never heard of doing this!  I have always baked cookies from scratch and yes a few times even had store bought cookies when I was in a pinch.  So I thought I would give this a try - I used the Duncan Hines deluxe Carrot Cake Mix and followed the instructions on their site:  Well we all enjoyed them!  They were quick and easy  and yes I know not "homemade" but they really were good.  I am going to try some different mixes just for fun and see how they turn out.  I also didn't know that in the USA, Duncan Hines has many different kinds of cakes mixes that we don't have here in Canada.  Take a look at their US website and see the different things they have.  Experiment with the  mixes and have fun!